Monday, May 16, 2011

Vegetarian 4 hour body canned soup

It is not easy being a vegetarian on the 4 hour body diet. It seems there are only so many recipes that combine vegetables, legumes, and vegetarian protein. I am happy to share my vegetarian recipes and discoveries with other vegetarians on the 4 hour body diet. If you find something please share it with me!

I have found the best vegan canned soup that fits in with the 4 hour body diet. It is Amy's organic Golden Lentil (Indian Dal) soup and it is delicious. The ingredients are; Filtered water, organic yellow split peas, organic red lentils, organic carrots, organic tomato puree, organic extra virgin olive oil, shallots, organic garlic, organic ginger, sea salt, spices, organic turmeric, and organic black pepper.

I have seen this soup anywhere from $2.50 - $3.50 per can. Here is a link to Amy's website with information about this soup.


  1. Thanks! I've been looking for 4HB approved canned soup but have come up empty so far --why does soup contain sugar?? I'll look for Amy's next time.

  2. Now I am hungry again. Thanks Loki! lol.... Hope you are well and great post!