Monday, August 17, 2009

Alpha Female

I have decided that I will become the alpha female in my house. Our dog is so sweet to my son. She licks him and treats him like a pup. The dog listens to my husband and follows him every where he goes. After speaking with a dog trainer this weekend I've realized that our dog is mean to me because she thinks she is the alpha female.

Behaviors that indicate that our dog thinks she is the alpha female:

When I sit next to my husband she comes and barks at me nonstop. When possible she jumps up and tries to wedge herself between us.

When I get out of bed to hit snooze in the morning, our dog jumps into bed, takes my spot, and snuggles with my husband.

She will not listen to commands from me. If my husband says the same command she immediately does it.

She humps me. It is not pleasant.

So Operation Take Back Alpha Female starts today. Watch out dog, you're not going to get treats from me for just being cute anymore!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Four Year Old Jokes

Today my four year old son had a variety of jokes.

uh-oh, hope he isn't becoming an axe murderer joke:
s: Why did the marshmallow mouse cross the road when there were so many cars?
me: I don't know, why?
s: Because he wanted to be crushed by the cars.
me: That isn't a funny joke.
dad: That is pretty funny.

cute jokes:
s: Why did the mouse cross the road?
me: I don't know, why?
s: Because he wanted to get his walnut!

s: Why did the house fly?
me: Why?
s: Because he was a rocket ship!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grasshopper, you are almost there!

The dog has almost become a successful grasshopper hunter. My husband and my son go out with their nets and catch bugs to feed the animals. It is beyond cute! The grasshoppers are quick little things so we've been training our dog to eat them if they get loose.

She is getting pretty good!