Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tips for surviving a wedding with a four year old

Tips for surviving a wedding with a four year old:

- Teach them yoga. If they become wild have them show off the tree pose.

- Don't be afraid to use the phrase, "I'm the mom" as many times as you need to and to whomever needs reminding.

- After they are dressed and before pictures make them get naked before eating.

- Use the wedding cake as incentive for good behavior.

- Let family and friends watch them but keep an eye out for anyone sneaking them sugar.

- Let them pee on a tree before the ceremony. Otherwise they will swear they don't have to go until the vows are being read. (This might only work for boys.)

- Ignore all nasty looks and snarky comments. You are providing an alternative method of birth control for the bride and groom.


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