Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Grocery Store Tape Influences My Life

Come back with me to a time long ago in a sticky place I like to call Southern Indiana. We had a grocery store in the town I grew up in. It was right next to the pizza place and the gas station. Of course this was outside the gated community in which I lived.

Don't get me wrong, we were the weirdos of the community. I mean what kind of family lets their daughters be shepherds in the staged nativity scene which was part of the Christmas celebrations each year. Shepherds were boys, not girls. There were a few other weirdos who lived in the gated community so at least we weren't alone. We were actually double weirdos to everyone who lived outside the gate but who is counting?

Getting back to the title, my life today is influenced by a give away tape my parents got for me at the grocery store. I don't remember much except that I played the tape and acted it out for my imaginary audience all the time. The part that sticks with me is when a squirrel or chipmunk - some high pitched animal - sang this:

Integrity means being fair in every situation. Doing what is right in every part of your day. We must do, we must do, what is right, what is right, in each part, in each part of our da-a-a-ay!

So there you go. I'm sure my parents had something to do with my strong since of integrity but to this very day I hear that song in my head.

LM (=

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  1. do you want to hear a seeecret? - I'd like to hear a secret from you! - it's all about a thing called "integrity" - it's such a big word, what does it mean? - it's a part of your life that makes people trust you - really? i'd like to hear more!

    integrity means always being honest, making sure you tell the truth. so people can depend on whatever you say. oh, integrity means being fair in every situation, doing what is right in every part of your day.

    I totally had that tape (but I got it somewhere in California). the world feels so much smaller now.