Monday, July 26, 2010

Shout Out to Tamara Waters

Tamara L. Waters is a writer who I've been reading for a very long time now. She cracks me up, is super creative, and just an all around cool person. I would like to link to some of her articles on Associated Content that you should check out. This is a random collection of articles because I am all about random!

Read about when Tammy met, super cute in a scrubby sort of way, Travis Pastrana.

Have you heard about the big muddy monster of southern Illinois? Read about it here.

This is a great article for artists that use found items!

A must read poem for all women. Seriouslly, you MUST read it!

This is a very touching story about the daughter / dad relationship.

This is about something I am good at.. embarrassing your children!

Read more from Tamara L. Waters here.

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