Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Printable Coloring Pages For Artistic Children and Adults

This post was inspired by my son. I had drawn several of the common symbols I use in my artwork in line drawings. He asked if I had printed him some coloring pages. I told him that I had drawn these pictures and smiled with pride when he was impressed. He is too young for me to explain the meaning behind the symbols however he wanted to color, and add to my artwork. I have scanned these images in for other artistic children to enhance, color, or style.

If your child or you enjoy these free printable coloring pages I would love to see how they are used to create new pieces of art.

The first image is called No Protest. You will find stick figure protesters in a lot of my art. Sometimes these stick figures are holding signs that say no. They are never saying yes. Another symbol I use in my art are filmstrip boxes with various items or symbols in pictures. I have combined these two components into one image.

The second image is found in almost all of my artwork if you look close enough. It is called Bird and has had a guest appearance in my artwork for almost ten years now.

Please enjoy these free printable coloring pages for artistic children and adults!

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