Friday, July 30, 2010

Morbid Humor

There is a good chance that I will kill myself someday. Do not misunderstand, I am not suicidal. I am spacey. We are talking, 'wash the toaster off in the sink while it is still plugged in' spacey. I am pretty good at catching myself but you never know. (=

If the day comes where I kill myself in a morbidly hilarious way, I want to make as many people laugh as possible! I want to make even the kindest person fight a smirk while reading my obituary.

Here are two obituaries you can use if I happen to end up in one of these situations someday. No need to thank me for writing my own obituary, it is my pleasure!

In an attempt to surprise her family and save squirrels, Loki Morgan was installing a chimney cover when she heard a noise coming from inside the chimney. Loki stuck her head down to make sure she wasn't trapping any animals inside and got herself stuck. Unfortunately no one noticed her legs sticking up from the top of the house until it was too late. Loki will be missed but her love for animals will never be forgotten.

Loki Morgan had recently gotten over her refusal to use the plunger when a toilet got clogged. Loki will be remembered for the effort she put into learning new things in death as in life. She put her heart into unclogging that toilet, so much so that she slipped on the splashed liquid and cracked her head open on the bathtub. We know that Loki is looking down from heaven and proud that she succeeded in unclogging that toilet.

LM (=

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