Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Grammostola pulchra

When our son was born my husband decided to get a pet that would grow up with our child.  We are a little strange and did not get a dog or a cat.  My husband picked out a Grammostola pulchra, also known as Brazilian Black tarantula. 

Grammostola pulchras are slow growing and have a long life.  Females can live up to twenty-five years.  My husband thought this would be a great tarantula for our son because they are docile.  I agreed because they are also beautiful.  They grow to around 5 inches and are a silky black. 

My son and his G. pulchra are now six years ago and both are doing great!

This is a picture of two adult Grammostola pulchras mating.

Bom chicky bow wow, Grammostola pulchra tarantulas mating.


  1. Having got over my shock and natural suspicion of spiders, I'm gong to assume this one is non-poisonous. :D

  2. We used to have tarantulas, too. This is a great choice, for their docile nature and long life. And they are indeed beautiful!

  3. My kids would always collect hermit crabs at the beach, but I think I'd draw the line at tarantulas. Ick ...

  4. @J.L. - Tarantulas do have venom but it is not medically significant. This type of tarantula (Grammostola family) flicks their hairs as a defense mechanism. In the picture you can see that one of the tarantula has a "bald patch" on its abdomen.. this is from flicking hairs. The hairs can irrate your nose and eyes but Grammostola pulchra rarely flick when you handle them. :) You should check out some of the articles I have written on Tarantulas - You can find links under my A post for the month.

  5. I like spiders, but not enough to own one! Lol, I'm more of an iguana owner, but mine passed away a few years ago :(

    I like your blog, a lot!

  6. Tarantula porn. ;O)

    My “G” post is right here:

  7. Whoa!! Cool. We have cats, but also a snake a turtle and hermit crabs, so we're also fans of the 'atypical pet.' Cool picture.

  8. Great idea for a pet--especially for people who cannot have a dog or cat.

  9. Oh my. Now that's thinking outside of the pet box.

    The Watered Soul