Sunday, October 4, 2009

AYSO soccer verses ICP Hatchetman

I have a delimma. Recently I traded in my fast, stick shift, cute, little red sports car for a mom-mobile. That was so hard. Now I am faced with how to decorate the ugly hatchback that gets good miles per gallon and has enough room for sports equipment.

My baby sports car had no decorations as none were needed. A young redhead with a hot red car said enough. Man, I loved that car.

I do feel that my new car needs something. It is so plain and I cannot keep trying to unlock other people's cars. This brings me to my delimma.

I have narrowed the decoratation to two choices. I could accept my fate and put the AYSO soccer sticker on it. It might even make the people that know me smile. The other choice is the ICP hatchetman. I could settle for a Tool or NIN sticker, or even make my own design but I am torn between the two extremes.

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