Monday, October 12, 2009

What have I done? Back to school rap.

There is less than one month before I start my part-time MBA program. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. One day I will record my raps but for now you will just have to imagine a smurf sounding voice busting out these rhymes, yo.

Little boy you have to realize that mommy has to work and go to school.
Managing my employees, signing up for soccer mom, yes I am a fool.

Our lives will be disrupted but it will be less than three years.
Work hard to improve your life and we must both ignore our fears.

No name brands, cable is gone, we have to watch our budget closely.
This is character development son, I really believe that - mostly.

Stop asking for a little sister sweetie, there is no way in hell.
Unless you can magically come up with thousands of dollars worth of things to sell.

I know you are only four years old but please try your best to be supportive of me.
The guilt is already killing me, but in the end I am sure you will see,
I promise it will all work out and this is the best thing for our family.

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